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Be patient until the clean-up process is complete. Reboot your PC and check if thumbnails show up again. Finally, exit the Command Prompt window and restart your PC. Check if your thumbnails are present and displayed correctly. Right-click on it and select Run as administrator. This will open an elevated Command Prompt window.

  • Now I am in the constant loop “automatic repair” and the only option that will work to start a boot up is f8.
  • I was using Microsoft Office 2010 in Windows 7 and I decided to test this new version of Office.
  • Follow the instructions on our article on how to boot your computer in safe mode.

Irrespective of the legal definition, if people bought a service, they deserve a quality service. You are not “overlord” of your PC, when Windows are installed. Its not the product you own anymore, as it was in the past. Turning on metered connection does what i want but unfortunately I have 6 PC’s, 4 of which I manage remotely, that I would have to log into each time I wanted to allow an update. I’m not trying to stop updates, only control when they can occur. I slowly and carefully followed your instructions.

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Lenovo says it suspects the problem is connected with the BIOS and is being investigated, but recommends customers roll back to the previous version of Windows until a fix can be found. In Windows 10, you can use various methods to shutdown, restart, hibernate or sleep the operating system. However, if you need to create a shortcut to perform one of these actions directly, the operating system does not provide you such an option. You need to create such shortcuts manually, using a special set of commands. So we went back and they gave us a brand new computer. So now were going back to Best Buy because it’s brand new and should not have this poblem.

But a small percentage of readers have reported problems with the upgrade, usually because of compatibility problems with existing software or hardware. In this post, I provide details about tools and techniques you can use to identify and fix the issue that’s blocking an upgrade. These steps can also help you diagnose problems installing feature updates on PCs that are already running Windows 10.

And I must say, I still strongly suspect that whole part-number blocks of this series had serious hardware issues. Thanks for your comments, I also tried that option. I installed Ubuntu a couple of weeks ago and despite I liked it many of my spread sheets presented incompatibilities problems moreover some software are not made for Ubuntu. Hopefully, that pesky Update and Shutdown option is gone for good. While it’s easy to ignore the whole thing, taking that extra step really does ensure the overall security and stability of your computer. If you still see the Update and Shutdown/Restart options, it’s time to perform a clean boot. Once the Windows Update Troubleshooter detects an issue with your updates, it’s simply a matter of clicking Apply This Fix and let the troubleshooter fix things for you automatically.

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Besides installing the updates, it will keep your system secure and provide the latest features and improvements. The program can be easily deployed to Windows 10 PCs that have not yet had the latest update installed. WIN 7 will remain on the problem PC until it dies. I have tried all the suggestions only to wait for ever to get a msg that Some sort of error occurred install failed. The phone in went from download the .iso try a clean install. I have done win10 installs on 50+ PC’s not all went smoothly but I was able to resolve the problem. This service handles the delivery of software updates to Windows devices.

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