About Us

Natural Resources Management Technologies is a multi-disciplinary company that offers services in agriculture, Water Conservation Solar Energy and growing off-season vegetables through Tunnel Farming.
NRMT is a group of highly qualified professionals in the field of Agriculture and Water conservation Technologies. We provide consultancy services in producing off-season vegetables through tunnel farming.
NRMT currently has an experienced staff assigned to various development projects. The staff includes agriculturists and engineers. This in-house capability ensures a high level of technical supervision and quality control of work carried out and enables a rapid response to client requirements.


The projects are carried through all phases of application development, planning, socio-economic viability, environmental impact studies, detailed engineering and/or architectural design, tendering, project management, construction supervision, material testing, quality control, maintenance, technical audit, post project evaluation and project benefit monitoring as required by the client..


  1. Provision of quality services to the Customer satisfaction.
  2. Use of modern technologies in agriculture to enhance productivity and save every drop of water.
  3. Introduction of modern concepts of farming to increase per acre yield in quality and quantity.

 Field of Specialization:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • High Efficiency irrigation Systems
  • Tunnel Farming
  • Solar Energy
  • Canal Lining and seepage control through the use of Polyacrylamide Ploymer

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