Canal Lining

Agriculture sector faces enormous challenges and water availability is one major factor affecting overall performance despite the fact that out of total available water agriculture sector is taking up 97% share.

Issues with water in agriculture have various dimensions and besides its availability for crops, time of availability is even more critical as high and low water stress, significantly reducing yield and quality of any crop.

High Efficiency irrigation System (HEIS) in Agriculture have been proven to save water and now the countries where these systems along with fertigation are already established for decades are using the systems for higher yield and quality of their produce.

Natural Resources management Technologies (NRMT) has commenced serving in the field of High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS) since June 2011, through skilled qualified and dedicated team of professionals.

The team of dedicated professional is the best amongst in the field and is involved right from the survey to the commissioning of the system. The process also involves on-farm training of the farmers, hence developing capacity of the end users. The company uses state of the art designing software and technical support from the international experts to provide complete solution to the farmers.

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