Center Pivot Irrigation

With the round orbit, the pivot point is firmly fixed on the center of the field. The towers with motor are connected to the gearbox with tires, which keep going around the center pivot. The water flows onto ground through the sprinklers which are evenly distributed on the pipe. This system is the perfect choice for big farm and large irrigation area.

One set of center pivot is able to irrigate 1.33 to 100 ha of land. With the characteristics of energy-efficient, water-saving, high yields, and time-saving, this irrigation system is the best choice for planting potato, sugar cane, watermelon, grain, beans, and pasture. The system’s irrigation uniformity coefficient is higher than 85%. This system can work on the uneven ground. The main control system can automatically control each part of the sprinkling machine, which has the function of fault indication that is reassuring for users.

Special Features:

  1. Heavy Duty Center Pivot Point;
  2. Anti-Turnover Tower;
  3. All-galvanized surface treatment;
  4. Industry-standard electronic component;
  5. Excellent Drive Line Assembly;
  6. Multiple Tire Options.
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