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Follow this walkthrough to get the most out of this app. Late last year, PicsArt photo editor arrived on Windows Phone, becoming one of the top rated image-fixing apps around.

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PicsArt is one of the best photo manipulation apps for Android. It’s an easy-to-use editor that provides you so many options for photo manipulations. You can add filters, stickers, text, create collages, add layers, adjust color, and so much more on this app. One of the best ways to create photo effects in this editor is to add filters. There are over 10 categories of filters with so many filters to choose from. Choose see more information from simple color edits to alter the image to look like an oil painting.

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Another newly known popular Android game is Life is Strange. First of all, I should admire the splendid story of the game. Max, the main role of this game, discovers her time rewinding ability while saving her friend Prince. Then these two friends take a mission to save their other friends.

And much like Fortnite, it allows for cross-play, meaning if you want to play with your friends who are on PS4, Xbox, or PC, you can absolutely do so, which is ridiculously cool. Now, Minecraft comes at a price tag of $6.99, and while that’s often more than people want to spend on mobile games, it’s a steal for this title. Minecraft is one of the most chill, relaxing games out there, especially if you play in creative mode. Escape reality for a bit and lose yourself in your block-based world.

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To add wings, select the sticker and place it around the person. Use the eraser tool to erase areas around clothing and body.

  • Experience new stadiums and take care of cumulative stats for an assured win.
  • Hence, we have compiled a list of 35 of the most impressive, best, low mb and free Android games you can play offline for mobiles or tablets.
  • We’ve listed the games on Android and iPhone, which we’re addicted to.
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